Friday, March 25, 2011

The Galactic Star Compass of Tony Coston


A passage of exotic mathematics, geometry, and the equinoxes Ó2010.

The Galactic Star Compass of Tony Costonã


So what makes this possible?


This is a very brief introduction to The Galactic Star Compass of the future, which only illustrates with minimal findings within a 180 degree orbit of precession in relation to planet earth’s time keeping system. However, this Galactic Star Compass is far from ordinary, as it creates a map of star constellations right in front of  your very eyes! The map of star constellations is then used as a reference point of origin similar to earth’s perpendicular orbit, only this time within a 360 degree omni possibility in relation to every celestial body in the known Universe!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the ride!

The Galactic Star Compass works like a star map in a exotic fashion and delivers a harmonic proportion with geometry time and space. This uses a type of numbering and positional universal system of my “personal creation.” Think of this as a regular compass, except now you have a "universal reference" point in relation to the perspective of other celestial bodies including the sun! It is like you are viewing outer space as though you lived on Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and etc. No longer will scientist need to calculate an “approximation.” My galactic star compass creates an "artificial" perpendicular orbit for any planet in the known Universe! This too also creates a geocentric coordinate system for any celestial body in the heavens which in turn also aligns the "artificial" perpendicular orbit in relation to the celestial body’s point of reference or precession cardinal markings!

There is no extreme technical work at hand, as a simple but yet highly advanced encryption system of “my own personal creation” does all the work. In fact you would be amazed at just how simple my Galactic Star Compass really is. However, a good knowledge of absolute values for zero should be understood.
In other words, you need to know the absolute decimal representation of infinity!

Moving along…………

In the below image are the four locations within the Galactic Star Compass which in this case references planet earth and all her DRAMA!
We then use earth’s twelve star constellations by a square precession number of a 12 by 12 square in quads using 12,3,6,9 which represent North, East, South and West. Once again please remember that we are using planet earth’s time keeping system in relation to earth’s axil tilt and earth’s precession. These figures would be different if we used the planet Uranus for example, as this planet references fourteen star constellations as apposed to twelve star constellations when viewing outer space from the perspective of earth!


Position A is the galactic center of the solar system, Position C is both the north and south poles of the celestial body (in this case earth) and Position B is the opposite direction of the galactic center of the solar system. The cross section is where the calculation are summed, positioned and located for the
Galactic Star Compass Target.

You will now be the first in world history that sees my Galactic Star Compass do its thang!


The photo above shows how a “personal” calculation method collects subprime numbers of calculations from specific years, dates, and etc in relation to precession for the celestial body, in this case planet earth.
Please note "again" that we are using planet earth’s precession and time keeping system.

The factoring of these collected subprime numbers of my “personal” calculation methods returns to me a special number of "two digits" only. When placing this number within my Galactic Star Compass "circle of numbers" represented by the red dots and blue dots above in the image, a pattern is revealed.

Below is how I do this with paper and pen like hole punching.


As you would like a child playing connect the dots, the same applies for my Galactic Star Compass.


If you are an astrologers or a cosmologist then you should already know what these lines represent, if not shame on you……..LOL
 For those whom do not, the following image below will tell you


Yes, you are looking at actual star constellations!

These star constellations are positioned at 180 degree from each other, and are Sagittarius and Orion.They also lay in-between planet earth, and mark an avenue for other targeted areas in outer space, " from the perspective of earth or the desire celestial planet."

Sagittarius and Orion represented on earth are the North Pole region, and the Southern Pole region.

And hence: The star Sirius lays 180 degrees from the Galactic Center, Or the Great Black Hole in reference to Sagittarius. And hence this position for Sagittarius is also considered a zero degree of great importance to Astrologers.

Sagittarius and Alniman or The Orion’s Belt are "also" positioned in between the winter solstice and summer solstice which represents our geocentric coordinate system. And again these position marks are in relation to planet earth's seasonal marking, or precession in general.

Also, note that the star constellation of Orion is a thirteenth star constellation of measure that I use for my findings when referencing other celestial bodies.

Here are my findings of the main star configurations.


Tony Coston